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2D Fox


We know foxes as cunning and deceiving through Western legends and fairy tales. In other cultures, the fox is admired for its clever solutions and maneuvers. Because of his speed in switching between thinking and acting, the fox stands for for solving problems. A fox teaches you to pay attention to how people act, not to what they say, and to act/help from there..

Keywords: Inconspicuousness and adaptability, intelligence, observation and speed of thought and action.

Dit exclusieve wolschilderij, gemaakt in een borduurring met de techniek naaldvilten, zou fantastisch staan in een kinderkamer met als thema ‘Bos’ maar ook in een (slaap)kamer where observation and a good balance between thinking and acting is desired.

Diameter 20cm


  • Corriedale wol, kleur Fox, Bear, Badger
  • Maori wol, kleur benamingen onbekend
  • Naaldvlies

Sold out!

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